Stucco Painting in Naples, FL

Over time, stucco can fall victim to the elements, and what once looked stately and sophisticated can begin to appear run-down and shabby. Starfish Painting offers beautiful and lasting painting services for stucco exteriors to save you from breaking the bank on a complete replacement.

Beautiful, Long-Lasting Stucco Exteriors


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The appearance of stucco tends to fade more quickly than other surfaces because of the way it’s affected by the elements. Paint can help keep your stucco exteriors looking as gorgeous as they were the day you moved in.

Primer can also protect your stucco from rain, pollution, and mold. Because it’s protected from these foreign substances, it is less likely to crack and crumble, and therefore it will last longer. The waterproof paint that we add will help you stucco last long into the future.

Features & Benefits

Painting your exterior with stucco can:

There are many different types of stucco finishes that Starfish Painting specializes in painting in Naples, FL. These finishes include:

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The Process

When we paint stucco exteriors, our process looks something like this:

Making Repairs

As your home gradually shifts and experiences weather events, small cracks will appear in your stucco. Cracking might also occur thanks to improper lath fitting or an incorrect mixture of stucco, so our professionals will evaluate the cracks and repair them in line with their cause so your home will remain stable.


When repairs aren’t enough, we make replacements. Oftentimes, water damage can be found in stucco siding and, when that occurs, mold is likely to follow. If we spot water damage, we’ll take stock of the flaws and make a replacement.


Priming is essential for a stucco paint job because it covers where repairs have been done and leaves a smooth finish. What else it will do is provide a waterproof base for the paint so your stucco doesn’t absorb the paint job and render it useless.


Paint doesn’t just make your stucco look better, it can also improve its integrity. It helps to protect the stucco from the elements, along with pollution and mold. It prevents cracking and crumbling so you can enjoy the look of your stucco home for many years to come. The paint that we use at Starfish Painting is waterproof, so you can rest assured that your stucco exterior is equipped to last.