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Every Florida resident knows that the sun in our state can beat down pretty hard, but were you aware of the beating your shutters can take from the sun’s rays? Over time, the color of your shutters will fade and weaken, which impacts the exterior aesthetic of your home. Let us improve that with a paint job!

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Living in Florida, you experience all types of weather. From powerful sun to spontaneous rainstorms to hurricanes, you’ve seen almost everything – and so have your shutters. From the elements, your shutters may have experienced oxidation, UV damage, and heat exposure, and these things can have an impact on their appearance.

If the appearance of your shutters is negatively affected, your whole house takes the hit. As the color of your shutters weakens and fades into a watered-down version of what it had once been, your home doesn’t look as striking as it once did. It’s time for a new coat of shutter paint.

Starfish Painting will remove your shutters and repaint them, giving the entire exterior of your home a facelift in the process. Whether you need shutter painting services in Naples, FL for your own enjoyment or to improve your home’s placement on the market, Starfish Painting is the company to call.

Features & Benefits

Your shutters play an important role for your home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they also offer an array of benefits, including:

Refreshing the paint job on your shutters is a great investment into your home’s future. You’re not only improving the way it looks, you’re improving the overall quality of your home as well.

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The Process

Our shutter painting process looks like this:

Shutter Preparation

  • While painting the shutters doesn’t take very long, the proper preparation is important.
  • We will clean your shutters to make sure they are free of any mold or mildew, along with any chalking, grime, and run-of-the-mill dirt. Then, we’ll spray them down with water.
  • To avoid damage, we’ll wipe wooden shutters off with a dry cloth. If the shutters are vinyl, we’ll place them on a drop cloth and allow them to air dry.

Color Choice

  • Many homeowners choose to match the shutters to the color of their window trim and make the two seem like a single component. Others like to paint the shutters a color that complements the trim.
  • If you need help deciding on the color of your shutters, Starfish Painting is glad to offer professional input.


  • Shutter painting works best when done out of direct sunlight and in moderate humidity.
  • We will prime the shutters before applying paint, as this makes for better adhesion and allows for better coverage with the top coat.
  • We’ll begin with painting the slats at the top of the shutter and work our way down.
  • We use lighter brush strokes to eliminate unwanted brush marks in newly painted areas.
  • We apply at least two coats of paint and wait for the necessary amount of time between coats to allow adequate drying.
  • Before we rehang the shutters, we make sure that they are completely dry.