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Whether you’re focused on painting the interior or exterior of your home, Starfish Painting is here to make it happen. We have the expertise to bring your vision to life, whether you’re renovating your entire home or refreshing a single room.

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A fresh coat of paint can make your dwelling look like an entirely different living space. If you’re putting your home on the market, a new paint job can catch buyers’ eyes and even increase your resale value. If you don’t plan on selling, paint can do wonders for your family. It can revitalize your space and create a whole new aesthetic for you to enjoy.

Starfish Painting is the company to call for residential painting in Naples, Florida. We can tackle any interior paint job that you’ve got for us, including walls, ceilings, and doors. When it comes to the inside of your home, no job is too big or too small for us.

Regarding painting the exterior of your home, you should always call a professional. Paint is the first impression that your house makes, so it should be applied flawlessly. At Starfish Painting, we make that happen, from decks to wood siding to garage doors and more.

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If you’re in need of an interior paint job, contact Starfish Painting for:

If you’re in need of an exterior paint job, contact Starfish Painting for:

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Tell us about your project, and our professionals will offer you a fair, affordable price. You can always count on an impeccable paint job when it’s done by Starfish Painting.

The Process

When you get the interior of your home painted by Starfish Painting, here’s what you can expect:

Choose Your Color

This is the most important stage – if you’ve already got a color in mind, we can bring it to life with our visualizer tool to make sure it’s what you want. If you’d like input on color selections, our team can offer expert advice.

Protecting the Area

Before we start painting, we’ll lay down plastic sheeting and drop cloths to make sure that your floors and furniture remain untouched.

Surface Preparation

Sometimes, there are holes and cracks in the ceiling and walls that need to be filled in. We’ll take care of that before we start, along with scuff sanding uneven surfaces like those holding onto old paint.

Paint Application

After the area is primed, we get to work. We’ll have you make a choice between flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes so the room turns out exactly how you pictured. Our team always works efficiently, but our time spent painting depends on the size and complexity of the job.


As the paint is drying, we’ll put your room back together to make it look exactly the way it did when we arrived. We’ll sweep, vacuum, and complete any other duties that need to be done to restore it.


After cleanup is over, we’ll lead you on a walk-through so you can get a firsthand view of the job that we’ve done. This is the time that you can review our work and give feedback if necessary.

When you get the exterior of your home painted by Starfish Painting, here’s what you can expect:

Exterior Preparation

The outside of your house has the propensity to get dirtier than the inside, so we’ll make sure to clean any mold, mildew, and old paint off of the surface before we begin. We’ll also fill in any cracks to prevent water from sneaking in.

Paint Application

First, our professionals will prime the area so that paint can be applied in a uniform fashion. After that, we’ll get started on the color.


After we’re finished, we’ll clean up the materials around your home and make it look tidy and clean once more.


Once we’ve cleaned up, you’ll have the chance to review our work and see what you think of the exterior paint job.