Interior Residential Painting in Naples, FL

Whether you’re looking to paint your entire home, just a few rooms, or a single wall, Starfish Painting has you covered. When it comes to painting services, we’re the experts – and we make sure that our paint jobs are precise, thorough, and carried out exactly to your liking… every single time.

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Interior Residential Painting Services

At Starfish painting, our painters are known for their quality of work. We show up on time, complete an exemplary job, and provide the aesthetics that you’re looking for. When you use our interior painting services, we make paint jobs in Naples quick and easy.

We cover all of your interior residential painting needs. From walls to baseboards to doors to entire rooms, we know our way around a paintbrush and can of paint. You can trust us to transform your room – or your whole house – into something made beautiful with a high-end paint job.

Our most popular interior paint jobs include interior walls, ceiling painting, trim, baseboards, doors, and crown molding. We also cover other jobs like move-out and move-in painting services, so you can either leave your space as great as you found it, or move into a new place that feels refreshed and renewed.

Features & Benefits

Your home deserves a coat of fresh paint, and there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle. Here is a list of interior painting services that we offer at Starfish Painting in Naples:
  • New construction painting
  • Color selection
  • Cabinets and hand railing painting
  • French door painting
  • Crown moldings
  • Door painting
  • Baseboards and trim painting
If you don’t see the task you’re looking for included on the list, give us a call and tell us about your project. Chances are, we’re ready to tackle what you’ve got in store.

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With a few coats of paint, Starfish Painting can transform your home into something immaculate. To get started on your project, get in touch with us for a free estimate today.

The Process

Regarding interior painting services in Naples, FL, our process looks a little something like this:
First, we take a look at the job in front of us and inspect for underlying issues. If we notice any issues, we’ll make corrective repairs in order to prevent problems in the future.
We only use the highest quality paint that gives off very little to no odor. Our paint is environmentally friendly and, not to mention, beautiful.
You can either choose to remove the furniture, wall hangings, window treatments, and personal items for the room, or we can help you do it. Per our customers’ request, Starfish Painting will help to remove large furniture from the designated room.
To protect your floors, we will use drop cloths, plastic tarps, and blue painter’s tape.
Where it’s necessary, we will skilfully caulk any gaps before painting.
We will repair any minor drywall issues before we paint, such as dings, dents, and nail holes. Nail pops will be patched, sanded, and smoothed before we get started on our paint job.
If we need to complete a significant amount of sanding, we will encapsulate the work area so the dust doesn’t permeate throughout your home. We sand in order to ensure a quality bond for the paint and to achieve a smooth finish.
At the end of the day, we’ll organize our equipment and clean up the space.